Introducing: Blue Seven Backed!

At Blue Seven + Just OK, we’ve always strived to be more than just a place to buy products - and we're taking that goal a step further with "Blue Seven Backed."
Here's an introductory message from our owner, Caleb Arter.

     When I first started selling leather goods at Blue Seven, I was instantly interested in their success. This is because their success was tied to my success as an artist and entrepreneur. So, I had a bit of a selfish motive to be pulling for them. That was the beginning of understanding what supporting a local business looks like. It soon dawned on me that Blue Seven offered so many people the exact same opportunities they were offering me.

      That’s why today I can genuinely say that I desire for the products we stock to represent people. I want to be able to look at a poster on the wall or a t-shirt on the rack and say, “Those were printed by Dusty from Tree and Leaf.” Dusty and I are friends. I know where he lives, I know his wife, his dog, and I choose to buy from him because he is super talented and I get to see directly how we help support his family. I could go on and on about Hoboken and Eote Coffee Roasters and why we choose to buy from Trey and Todd and their families or why we purchase from Steven at Railcar Denim. This is why I say that we can look into the store and not just see stuff but see people, the families that made those products, and the families that we are supporting.

     We don’t want to be a store that sells brands or trends. Instead, we desire to be a store that supports and invests in individuals. Our goal is to be a business that supports those striving for transparency and aiming to make products that are ethical, that value their employees and the world in which we live, and that take pride in the finished product. We love that a lot of these people and stories are right here in our own country but our goal is not to only carry “Made in the USA” products. We feel that all people are equally important and valuable regardless of where they call home. 

      This is why we are introducing what we call “Blue Seven Backed.” All companies that manufacture with the following standards will receive our Blue Seven Backed stamp of approval:

  1. Upon our research the people that made this product were paid a fair living wage and were treated with respect and human dignity.
  2. The product meets a high standard of quality that encourages the “Buy Less, Buy Better” motto.
  3. The brands are up front and honest with us about the details of their manufacturing process.
When you come into the shop, feel free to ask which products are Blue Seven Backed. Our goal is that, over time, every product in the shop will meet all of these standards.




  • Nicole

    Hi where can I find the Russ against the world tee??


  • Dusty Gilpin

    This is a really great concept. Glad to know the Blue 7 family, and we are very blessed to have it as a conscientious retailer in OKC. Good luck with this moving forward, I look forward to seeing the ‘Blue Seven Backed’ products!

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