Siempre Viva

At Blue Seven + Just OK, we love showcasing businesses and brands whose practices reflect a concern for more than just their products. Siempre Viva, one of our first Blue Seven Backed Brands, is a great example of this. Its owner, Sally January, told us a little about how a taste for travel and adventure led her to create her own clothing brand. 

    "Hi! My name is Sally January and I am the dreamer behind Siempre Viva Clothing. I work with groups of women from indigenous villages throughout Mexico, creating modern women's clothing, utilizing vibrant Mexican textiles. I am also a wife, mother, yogi + adventure seeker. 

When I was just a Sophomore in high school, I studied abroad in Colima, Mexico, the sister-city of my hometown, Norman, Oklahoma. It was a summer that turned me into a lifetime traveler. Throughout college + grad school, I spent as much of my time South of the border as possible. I taught Spanish + English as a Second Language for over a decade between a beloved public charter high school on the Southside of Oklahoma City + as a college instructor at the University of Oklahoma."



   "I eventually married, settled back in Oklahoma and had our twin boys, Silas + Cruz. Once their infancy had past, I started craving the adventure again. While teaching, I knew that I somehow had more potential to give back to a place that had given so much to me, but I just did not know how.


Siempre Viva started with the idea of just one skirt + has quickly developed into something much bigger than I ever could have imagined.  I have developed relationships with women from indigenous villages throughout Chiapas + Colima. I find beautiful types of looming and embroidery that they are already producing + have them make more modern versions of their traditional outfits. Each journey South has produced a new relationship, a new vision + in result, new Siempre Viva products!" 



     "On our last trip, we met Catarina in her home in Zinacantan, Chiapas, known for their cultivation of some of the world's most exotic + beautiful flowers. Most of the clothes in our line that involve floral designs come from this village and are produced by Catarina + her family. Catarina learned how to loom at age 6 from her mother. This tradition is passed down from generation to generation. As seen below, she is carefully looming a table runner, that measures about 6 feet long. To finish one table runner, can take up to a month. The quality of their work is impeccable + the designs and craftsmanship will last a lifetime. 


Each artisan works from the comfort of their own home, where they are able to tend to their children or the crops that they raise. Most of our artisans are women + take pride in sharing the ancient traditions that have been passed down since the days of the Mayans. Back-strap looming is the method which creates the base for the majority of our clothing. If you take a deep whiff of our clothing, you'll smell a hint of bonfire, as their only source of heat + food preparation is from wood burning fires."



     "In addition to providing sustainable employment to our artisans, we work to partner with non-profit organizations that strive to reduce poverty within their communities. In Colima, Caritas Organization (, helps me find women who know traditional embroidery patterns. Caritas raises funds to help alleviate poverty within Suchitlan and provide services to the elderly. I also have a new partnership with Melel Xojobal ( , a non-profit in San Cristobal, Chiapas that believes education is a fundamental right and works to allow all indigenous children to have access to a quality education. Each trip we take to Chiapas, I deliver them suitcases full of school supplies, personal hygiene items, coats + shoes that we collect ourselves from generous donations from friends, family + customers.



When purchasing our products, we guarantee that you are creating an economic opportunity for someone in need, while also being conscious of the preservation of ancient traditions and lifestyles. Siempre Viva is committed to bringing stylish fashion, while empowering others in need. Join our revolution + wear with purpose!" 


Choose love over fear in all that you do,




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