The Clean Start Project 2016-2017 Finale Show!

     This year's Clean Start Project is over and most of us are enjoying the break by wearing shorts and denim from year's past. Like always, we had a great group of participants this year.  We started out with about 180 participants and about 100 people turned in their jeans for us to display at the finale.  

     First off, shout out to the great guys at Pivot Project for finding a home for our show again this year. The finale took place at the historic Sunshine Cleaners Building in OKC. We spotlighted about 10 different participants by showing their work, the tools they use every day, and how that affected the way their jeans have evolved over the past 7 months. The rest of the participants jeans were displayed along with their picture.

     We had our friend Chad Crow come out to repair jeans so people could see how that's done and learn from him. We also want to say thanks to Will Quinlin for the Coop beer, to Evoke for serving some delicious coffee, and to Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles for serving some amazing grub. We invited the talented Ian Dooley (ig: @nativemello) to take the photos you see here.
     Like always, we want everything we do to facilitate relationships. This project has done that very thing for years now which is the reason we continue doing it. If you are interested in learning more about the project or how to participate with us next year, sign-up for our mailing list:
Check out all the final photos of our participants here.

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