The T-Shirt Process


At Blue Seven + Just OK, we have always considered ourselves a casual fashion store. Without a doubt, the anchor of casual fashion is, the classic "jeans and t-shirt" combo. Many of you know how we feel about denim because of our annual Clean Start Project. What you may not know is that we love the creative process involved in offering t-shirts that are exclusive to our shop.  


     There is a lot involved in making what seems to be a simple t-shirt. Often times we start with gathering feedback from you, our customers. Then we begin brainstorming ideas. We choose what kind of artist we want to partner with for the concept, choose a shirt style as well as what sizes and how many we want to print, choose a printer we trust and make sure there is a home on the sales floor for the shirts. 
      But even in the midst of these simple questions are much more complicated questions we have to ask ourselves.  Questions like:
  • "Do our customers care as much as we do where the shirts are made even if it costs more to purchase? If not, how do we educate them on the importance of knowing who made their clothing?"
  • "Do our customers value organic cotton options over cotton grown with pesticide? If not, how do we communicate why that is important to us?"
  • "Do more customers prefer a longer, slimmer shirt or a shorter, wider shirt?"
  • "Do we go with a v-neck or a crew neck...if a v-neck, how deep should the v-neck be?"


     So, as you can see, a lot that goes into what we often view as the humble t-shirt. Next time you put on your favorite shirt think about all that went into making it. From the cotton farmer to the person at the sewing machine, from the hands that printed it to the employee that tagged it and hung it on a rack - there are so many people your purchase influences.
Check out our t-shirt process video below!
Click here to check out the tee featured in this video.

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